Abu Dhabi Homeopathy Conference


Raising general awareness about Homeopathy. Demonstrating...
This conference aims to improve and promote the awareness and practice of...
The conference target audience from Healthcare Leaders, Policy Makers, and Executives...


Homeopathy is a system of Alternative Medicine created in 1796 by Dr.Samuel Hahnemann based on his Doctrine of similars…

Homeopathy is a system of Alternative Medicine created in 1796 by Dr.Samuel Hahnemann based on his Doctrine of similars (Similia Similibus curentur or like cures like)

Are you a healthcare professional who would like to know more about Homeopathy?

You are most welcome to attend the 4th Complementary and Alternative medicine conference hosted by Lotus institute in collaboration with Tunisian Society of Homeopathy about Homeopathy under the title:

"Abu Dhabi Homeopathy Conference "

This conference aims to improve and promote the awareness about Homeopathy for the benefit of the public in U.A.E and internationally and to demonstrate the efficacy and effectiveness of Homeopathy as a medical therapy.

The official language of the conference is English.

During this one day conference delegates can hear from distinguished international speakers .The conference audience will be Homeopathy practitioners ,other healthcare professionals,policy makers and executives.

Acupuncture is a very old medical art; it is an ancient medical practice that has existed for over a millennium. Acupuncture is still one of the most popular methods of treatment in the world. In our current day and age, acupuncture has also influenced not only eastern medicine, but also western medicine as well. Paradigms, such as endorphins, holograms, quantum physics, and reflex arcs, acupuncture remains a huge source of influence in medicine, and will continue to do so in the future. 

Acupuncture promotes natural healing and each patient is custom treated. This is done by inserting needles and applying electrical stimulation or heat at very precise acupuncture points. Whether you’re a professional acupuncturist interested in learning about the latest developments and breakthroughs in your field, or a healthcare practitioner intrigued to know more about a treatment that is effective against over 100 disorders, this conference is definitely the place for you.

Mrs. AMINA AL HAIDAN (Director, Lotus Holistic Institute Abu Dhabi – UAE)

DR.MOHAMED FAHMY (Medical Specialist,Cupping(Hijama) Specialist, Lotus Holistic Center Abu Dhabi,U.A.E)

DR.HAIMAN AL NAHAL (Cupping Therapy and Complementary Medicine Specialist General Manager,Sharjah International Holistic Health Center )

DR.BINDU.T.V (Homeopathy Practitioner,Lotus Holistic Center Abu Dhabi – UAE)


  • Dr, Ridha Limam

    Specialist in Internal Medicine & Geriatics


    Observational study of Homeopathic therapies in patients with Alzheimers disease


  • Dr. Rajesh Shah

    MD (Homeopathy)


    Homeopathy in skin disease


  • Dr. Wasim Sadullah Khatib

    B.H.M.S, M.D, CCH


    Understanding Migraine from Diagnosis to Treatment


  • Dr. Houda Arjoun Hammami



    Place of Homeopahty in Child’s chronic sinusitis


  • Dr. Sreevals Menon

    B.H.M.S, M.D(Hom)


    Research methodology in Homepathy


  • Dr. Naval Kumar Verma

    B.H.M.S, M.D(Hom)


    Role of Homepathy in Prostate cancer prevention – a holistic view


  • Dr. Ibtissem Hafsa Tamboura



    Summary of the study: Childhood Autism- what can the Homeopathic physician do?


  • Dr. Abullah Moammed nasrat

    Surgery Specialist


    The dramatic spread of Diabetes Mellitus worldwide and influence of H Pylori


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